Season 10: QSports Cricket League (8-A-Side, MRI)  Cricket · Male Intermediate

Fall 2015
2015-12-25 00:00:00.0 TENTATIVE
2016-02-15 00:00:00.0
Registration Dates:
2015-08-01 – 2015-12-15 regular
Al Jazeera Academy
Qatar Olympic Committee
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun between 7:00pm and 11:00pm

Round Robin/Knockout

Team Fees
Free Agent Fees

Competition Title

Season 10: QSports Cricket League (8-A-Side,MRI)


Qatar Olympic Committee

Captain’s Meeting

 1 Week Prior to game Start


     ·   QAR 375 for the complete season. (if you register as an individual) 

     ·    QAR 2500 for the complete season. (if you register as a team)


         1. Playoffs Winners – First Prize: QR 5,000/- (medals and trophies)
 2. first runner up - 2500 QSports Voucher/- (medals & trophies).


Depending on Number of registered teams, the league will be played on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Duration & Timings

7 - 9 Weeks  7:30 pm – 11:00 pm


Al Jazeera Academy


All Payments must be cleared at least one week prior to competition start date. Payments can be made online on our website’s payment section or at our offices in Salwa Road - Near Al Aziz Petrol station from 10:00 Am – 5:00 PM (Sun-Thu)


+974 4017-6791 
(Quasain – Game Day Coordinator or Qazi)
Or email us on: &






Team Structure

·                  8-a-side assigned to each team (Teams may register up to 13players, but only 8 are allowed to participate on any game day. Maximum of 11 medals per team.

·                  All players must be registered by completing the necessary online registration prior to competing for any team.

·                  No additional players can be allocated to a team once 11 individuals have been registered to a team. Exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis.

·                  A maximum of 8 players per game may be used. All players must be named on the team sheet prior to Toss and the team players         must have a valid ID card or its copy in order to confirm that the player playing in the game is the same player

·                  A player may not play in the playoffs, if the player has not played at least 2 game in the group stages.

·                  Any team playing an unregistered player will automatically lose the match by 40 runs and be awarded zero points for the game.

Tournament Structure (subject to change)

·       Each team will be guaranteed at least minimum of 3 games and maximum of 6 games during the course of the tournament. Qualfying teams will play two games semi finals, and champions game championship game.

·        Each team plays one match per week at the times specified.

·        Teams are asked to ensure that all players arrive 30 minutes prior to their scheduled innings times.

·        Top 4 teams from each group will proceed to the playoffs stage. 

League Points

·                  3 points awarded per win

·                  1 points for draw

·                  0 points for loss

·                  For and Against runs will be recorded

·                  League placing will be decided by points gained, followed by runs difference, followed by runs scored, followed by the aggregate result between the two teams in question.

·                  Failure for a team to show up in the game is equals to a game forfeit and automatic loss by 40 runs and zero points awarded.

·                  A team can only take to the field if a minimum of 8 players registered for that team are available to play.

·                  If a team fails to field sufficient players for 2 games they will be suspended from the league and forfeit all payments to Q-Sports.

·                  A full fixture list of game dates and times will be issued prior to the start of the tournament

Game Structure

·                  Each game will last a total 12 overs per innings with a maximum time of 1 hour 50 minutes (divided into 2 equal innings of 55 minutes).

·                  There will be no time additions for injury or additional time. The clock will not stop when the ball is out of play.

·                  110 minutes per game (2x55minute innings)

·                  1 minute (innings break)

·                  5 minute (break between games)

Madam Shivani

Game Rules

·                  One bowler can bowl max of 3 overs / 4 bowlers must be used.

·                  Basic rules are the same as 50 over cricket, modified to suit a 12 over game

·                  There will be runs allowed for byes & leg byes

·                  Free Hit on a No-Ball

·                  Umpires can award five runs to the opposing team if the other team wastes time

·              Each team has to bowl their allotted 12 overs within 55 minutes. As per this rule, a bonus of 6 runs is awarded to the batting team in  n  case the bowling team does not end their 12th over before 55 minutes. 

·                  The above rule is meant to encourage teams to be efficient with time as each game should finish within 1Hr 50 Mins

·                  Tie Breaker - applies to matches that end in a tie. This QSports cricket rule introduces the novelty of a bat-out in ONE super over to decide on the outcome of the match. According to this tie breaker rule, each team has to name their best bowler and batsmen to the umpire, who face each other in 1 over. No Limit on number of batsmen to be played. The team that scores the most runs wins. This rule adds to the excitement of the players and the spectators. 

·                1 run will be awarded on wide Ball and No Ball and the bowler repeats the ball being bowled. 

·                  Foot fault will be treated as a no-ball. No Balls will be repeated as per the standard rule.

·                  Bowling Run-up: The tournament follows a restricted run-up rule with max 5-6 meters allowed for bowling run-up.

·                  If a ball is bowled wide, and the keeper misses the ball, the batsman is allowed to score a run. 

·                  Overthrow will be counted and If the ball reaches the boundary as a result of an overthrow then the four runs for the boundary is added to the number of completed runs before the overthrow.

·                  There is zero tolerance for rude behavior towards the umpires or towards any other staff. The Umpire reserves the right to disqualify any team or player from the league for violation of the spirit of sportsmanship. The decision of the umpire is final and cannot be challenged.

·                  Teams missing more than 2 games will be disqualified from the league and forfeit all payments to QSports.

- Due to rain, venue unavailability or anyother issue, 
1 point each will be alloted to each team. if game doesn't affect the overall standings. 

- Players in the teams can be added only till the group stages, new payers can not be made only teams qualify for semi finals, 3rd/4th and final.

Game Rules are not exhaustive and may be added to or amended at any time by the Tournament Director.

Other Information

·                  All players must sign an indemnity waiver before the start of the league.

·                  Drinks will be provided during the game.

·         n       No change in schedule is allowed once tournament schedule has been published unless in exceptional circumstances.


·                  To register a team, a player or team manager from each team must register as a Team Captain. This provides him with admin rights, and he can invite his team mates to join his team (“Add Players”) by sending an email invite through his account.

·                 Invited players will register as Team Players and select their team from the list when prompted.

·                  Existing team captain/players do NOT have to create a NEW account. They can use their existing username and register for the league. Email address can also be used to log in instead of the username.

·                 All Users MUST complete the mandatory registration information on their profile.

·                 Incomplete profiles are automatically deleted and the player will not be able to play in the league.

·         For those players who do not have an email address to register, the team manager/captain will email the standard team registration form to with Name of team, Captain Name, email address (if any), mobile #, Nationality, Profession, and Age of each player. Alternatively, team managers can call 40176791 and register their team over the phone and QSports staff will follow-up with the necessary paperwork.

QSports Helpline: 40176791/66814770

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