Season 10: QSports Football League (11-a-side, Outdoor)  Soccer (Outdoor) · Male Intermediate

Fall 2015
Registration Dates:
2015-08-01 – 2015-10-30 regular
Qatar Olympic Committee
MonTueWedThuFriSatSun between 7:30pm and 10:00pm

Round Robin / Knockout Playoffs

Team Fees
Free Agent Fees

Competition Title

Season 10: QSports Football League (Outdoor, 11-a-side)


Qatar Olympic Committee

Captain’s Meeting



·    QAR 375 for the complete season. (if you register as an individual) 

·          QAR 3,500 for the complete season. (if you register as a team)


·          Playoffs Winners – First Prize: QR 3,500 + QR 1,500 QSports      Voucheer

·          Playoffs Runner Ups – 2nd Prize: QR 2,500 QSports Voucher



Depending on Number of registered teams, the league will be played on a Friday and  Saturday.


7 - 9 Weeks (Excluding Eid Holiday Week)




All Payments must be cleared at least one week prior to competition start date. Payments can be made online on our website’s payment section or at our offices in Al Wakra from 10:00 Am – 5:00 PM (Sun-Thu)


+974 4464 2512 (Leo Guzman – Program Coordinator or Lucian Moldovan – Program Manager)



Team Structure

  • 11-a-side (10 outfield players and 1 goalkeeper)
  • 5 substitutes
  • =16players assigned to each team (Teams may register up to 18 players, but only 16 are allowed to participate on any game day)
  • All players must be registered by completing the necessary forms prior to competing for any team.
  • No additional players can be allocated to a team once 18 individuals have been registered to a team. Exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • A maximum of 16 players per game may be used. All players must be named on the team sheet prior to kick off.
  • Any team playing an unregistered player will automatically lose the match 3 – 0 and be awarded zero points.

League Structure (subject to change)

  • The league will comprise of a minimum of 8 Teams and maximum of 16 teams divided into 1or 2 groups. Team will be placed in groups through a tournament draw--to be held at the Captain's meeting.
  • Each team will play a minimum of 7 games during the course of the league season. 
  • Each team plays one match per week at the times specified.
  • Teams are asked to ensure that all players arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled kick off times.
    Playoffs -If there is only 1 group first 4 teams will play the playoffs.If there are 2 groups of 4 teams first 2 from each group will proceed to playoffs. If there are 3 groups of 4 teams, then top 2 teams from each group plus TWO 2nd best teams between all the groups will proceed to the playoffs. If there are 4 groups of 4 teams, then top 2 teams from each group will proceed to the knockout stages.
  • NOTE: Game Schedules once published, cannot be changed as this disrupts the remaining league schedules and incurs a direct cost to QSports.

League Points

  • 3 points awarded per win
  • 1 points for draw
  • 0 points for loss
  • For and Against Goals will be recorded
  • League placing will be decided by points gained, followed by goal difference, followed by goals scored, followed by the aggregate result between the two teams in question.
  • Failure for a team to show equals a game forfeit and automatic loss of 3-0 and zero points awarded.
  • A team can only take to the field if a minimum of 7 players registered for that team are available to play.
  • If a team fails to field sufficient players for 2 games they will be suspended from the league and forfeit all payments to Q-Sports.
  • A full fixture list of game dates and times will be issued prior to the start of the season.

Game Structure

  • Teams will play two 30-minute halves with a two-minute half time. 5 min between the games.
  • There will be a coin toss at the start of every game. The team that wins the coin toss at the start will have first choice to kick-off or choose a goal to defend. 
  • The referee will start each game time as scheduled. If the players are not ready, the clock will still start as scheduled. Game will begin as soon as there is a minimum of 7 players on the field in each team. 
  • Time will run continuously, except for serious injuries. 
  • Teams will be given 10 minutes after the scheduled start time (but game clock will be running) of the match to present the minimum of 7 players, required for a match. 
  • If a team fails to present the minimum of 7 players after the 10 minutes have past, they will be issued a forfeit. 
  • There will be no overtime periods, or shootouts in the regular season, only during playoffs.



Game Rules

All captains and players are expected to read and understand the League Rules and policies for the league they are participating in. Any questions or concerns regarding the rules or league policies should be brought to the attention of the league coordinator and/or the QSports office by emailing us at Additional rules and policies may be added or amended by QSports before or during the season.

  • Standard FIFA 11 a-side rules will apply to all games subject to the following rules
  • The off-side rule will be applied.
  • Studded footwear are permitted to be worn by any player. If field is AstroTurf, only training shoes, molded soles and astro boots may be worn.
  • All Players must wear shin pads.
  • The wearing of any form of jewelry (including, without limitation, watches) is not permitted during play.
  • The first half will begin with one team taking a centre; the second half will begin with the other team taking a centre.
  • When a goal has been scored the game will be re-started by the team who conceded the goal taking a centre. 
    Opposition players must be at nine meters from where any free-kick is taken.
  • Goal keeper must be on the goal line when a penalty is being taken. 
  • Referee reserves the right to award yellow cards on dangerous tackles. 2 Yellow Cards result in an automatic RED card for the player( which will be suspended for the next game) and the team with the RED carded player must play with the remaining players for the rest of the game. 2 RED cards to a player in a season will result in the player being automatically ejected from the league. Team may replace the player with a new player.
  • Referee reserves the right to suspend any player for 5 min. if necessary, for unsporting behavior or for dissent by words or actions. The team can replace that player with another.

    Number of Players per Team and Substitutes.
  • Each game will be played by two (2) teams with 11 players on field during a game. Fielding more than 11 players at any time during the game will result in an automatic Yellow Card (Warning) to the team captain fielding the extra player. 2nd violation will result in a RED card and team captain must sit on the bench for the rest of the game.
  • One (1) player from each team will be the goalkeeper ( who must wear distinguishing colors). 10 players on the field as players with 1 goalkeeper. Total of 11 players during a game on field with 5 substitutes.
  •  “rolling” substitutes will be permitted(max 5/half))
  • A player who has been replaced may return to the playing area as a substitute for another player. A “rolling” substitution is one which is made when the ball is out of play and is subject to the following conditions:-
  • The player leaving the playing area shall do so from the sideline crossing over at the substitution area.
  • The player entering the playing area shall do so from the substitution area but not until the player leaving the playing area has passed completely over the sideline.
  • Any of the other players may change places with the goalkeeper, provided that the referee and/or opposition team is informed before the change is made, and provided also that the change is made during a stoppage in the game.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

·         Referees may issue warnings to players for team and personal unsportsmanlike conduct or safety concerns. Staff may also ask players to leave the game for a specified amount of time if they feel it is for the betterment of the team and/or game. If a player fails to respect a staff member’s decisions or heed their warnings, they may be ejected from the game, season or an indefinite amount of time.

·         Judgment calls made by the referee shall NOT be contested. A formal protest can be made at any time by letting the referee and the league coordinator aware of the situation. QSports will review the protest and make a ruling before the next week’s game.

·         Any individual who by his misconduct (profanity, gestures, physical or verbal abuse toward officials, players, etc.) causes himself to be removed from a contest is automatically ineligible to participate for the remainder of that contest, any other games that day and at least one full week. That person may also be assessed additional suspensions.



·         Free agents are players who do not have any team. They may register as free agents and QSports will do its best to place them in a team.

·         To register a team, the team captain will register as a team captain and invite his players to join his team by sending an email invite through his account.

·         Team players will register as team players and select their team from the list when prompted.

·         Existing team captain/players do NOT have to create a NEW account. They can use their existing username and register for the league. Email address can also be used to log in instead of the username.

·         All Users must complete the mandatory registration information on their profile.

·         Incomplete profiles are automatically deleted and the player will not be able to play in the league. 


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