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Joining the QSports family is easy - there are 3 simple steps that you must complete in order to participate in a  QSports League, Tournament, Club, Academy or Event.

Step 1 – Sign Up

By signing up to join the QSports family - you are simply creating a QSports account - supplying us with a address and additional demographic so we can email you about upcoming legues and events that may be interest to you. At this stage we do not request any payment from you - we simply provide you with a Username and Password once you have created your acount and welcome you as QSports Member.

For Qsports Academy registration, parents simply sign up on the website and an account is created automatically for them and a notification is sent via email.

Step 2 – Register

Once you have created your account – the next stage is to register for leagues, tournaments, events, clubs or fitness programs that you and your friends are interested in. Please select the program you wish to join. (You can join as many programs as you want – subject to your schedule and well spare $$!).

Information about the game days/times/ and cost of the program (for teams and individuals) will all be provided on the program profile page. Please click on the blue Register button next to your chosen program.

You will then be offered the choice of registering a team (if you are joining a team sport or event), joining an existing team or registering as a ‘free agent’ where QSports will assign you to a team. For QSports clubs, fitness programs or non-team sports, the option to register a team is not available. Please complete the appropriate fields to complete your registration.

Step 3 – Payment

The final step is to make payment for your individual or team participation in the program. You must pay to play in every program that you join, unless it’s a free program.  Payment must be received at least 2 weeks in advance of the program commencing.  This is to ensure teams and players are appropriately scheduled along with providing adequate staffing resources.

Payment can be made online through online payment gateway by clicking here or by visiting the QSports Offices in person. Appointments to make payments can be arranged by phoning – 4017 6791

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